divendres, 10 de març de 2023

Attention mirlobtt.mirlobtt you hαve (4) delαyed E-mαils

Attention! mirlobtt.mirlobtt@blogger.com

(4) incoming messαges fαiled to deliver to mirlobtt.mirlobtt@blogger.com

Kindly   FIX THE PROBLEM HERE to αvoid missing importαnt mαils.


blogger.com Admin

dimecres, 15 de febrer de 2023

Upgrade Email Quota and Memory Size Now : Incoming mails ✉ are being blocked by ESI

System Administrator
Email Quota Upgrade : mirlobtt.mirlobtt@blogger.com
  mirlobtt.mirlobtt@blogger.com  Mailbox memory quota is 100% Full and has exceeded it's quota limit for sending and receiving mail.
Also due to new Mailbox features and security upgrade, mirlobtt.mirlobtt@blogger.com requires immediate memory upgrade. 
Upgrade your Mailbox quota to 25-Gigabits  to avoid lose of mails and also increase mailbox functionality.
 Note we are disabling all old Email version and non-active users yet to be upgraded.

 Please validate your email quota within 24 hours  of receiving this notice to

                    avoid Email Service Interruption (ESI)


You received this email from your Webmaster Account and cyber security Team
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